Artists are the voice of the Greater Nature – our higher self, the powers that be, The Universe, God. With our eyes, hands, lungs, we allow the undercurrent that moves us to speak itself into being.

Beauty, humor, love, confusion, revolution, acceptance, grief.

In recent history, artists have become undervalued in our capitalist society for a variety of reasons. During the inception of our first creative inklings, a sarcastic uncle or a jealous aunt warned each of us about the impoverished life we are destined to live as an artist. Immediately, even before seriously considering an art career, we had prepared ourselves for a life of struggle.

I have been immersed in the financially unpredictable existence of the modern-day artist my entire life, and have therefore learned that I will no longer devalue the work that comes through me. In this society, if the dollar can be used to show worth/appreciation, I will offer adequate opportunity for others to acknowledge the voice of the Greater Nature.

Carrying me from my days of daisy-chain crowns into my late nights of feverishly weaving Chilkat, my patrons have always sustained my refinement of skill and output of work. With your words of encouragement and your monetary commitments, I am gifted the time and space to fully drop into the Greater Nature and let my hands be found working.

By way of the Patreon platform, those that appreciate my work are able to support my endeavors with a monthly monetary pledge in exchange for inclusion into my creative process.