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I am a weaver, printmaker, painter, photographer and writer. I’ve made most of my living as a graphic designer and marketing consultant. I’m also a mother, sister, wife, daughter, friend and collaborator — and take those roles seriously. Some roles I take less seriously are: gardener, cook, academic, anarchist, athlete and nutritionist.

I am an artist in everything I do, but I am limiting the content of this website to exhibit products from the first list of nouns.

Photos by Wildcrafted Photography


Ursala is of caucasian, filipino and Alaska Native descent. The exposure to Tlingit culture and traditions in tandem with the dominant Western society have cultivated a blurred world view and esoteric philosophies on life and art-making. She oftentimes finds herself caught between opposing schools of thought and aesthetic preferences, inciting further inquiry — driving the creative process.

“Kadusné” is the Tlingit name given to Ursala Hudson by her mother. It is a verb, translating as “they are weaving”.

As her daily rituals evolve to support deliberate creativity, Ursala refers to her inner “diety”, or essential self, as Kadusné. Immediately, upon honoring the name and divine essence, the two personas yoke. The Ego tends to draw back, the ancestors step closer, and Kadusné can be found working.


Ursala has a BA in Art from Fort Lewis College. She grew up in a creative household and has been ecstatic about exploring artistic mediums her entire short life. In 2016, her sister and mother submerged Ursala into the tantalizing waters of Chilkat and Ravenstail weaving. Drenched in its all-consuming power, she is presently brainstorming strategies to allow for a life that revolves around her weaving loom.

Ursala currently resides in Southwest Colorado with her partner, Chris Haas, and their two daughters, Amélie and Simone. She is the founding board President for the Pagosa Peak Open School, the first district-authorized charter school in Archuleta County. She is also the Vice President of Spirit Uprising, a non-profit dedicated to preserving the integrity of Ravenstail and Chilkat Weaving.

Visit her other creative family members if you’re killing time: Clarissa (late mother), Bill (father), Lily (sister), & Kahlil (brother).

Presentations & Collaborations

  • “Giving Strength Robe” collaborative robe marketing manager and participant. Juneau, AK. 2018-present.
  • “Celebration 2018 Weaving Presentation” lecture. Juneau, AK. 2018
  • “Returning to Spirit: Chilkat & Ravenstail Weavings of the Northwest Coast” lecture. Burke Museum, WA. 2017.
  • “Weavers Across the Waters” collaborative robe participant. Evergreen Longhouse, OR. 2016.


  • “Sealaska Heritage Institute’s Juried Art Show 2018” Walter Soboleff Building. Award: Best of Division. Juneau, AK. 2018.
  • “HAASALA” The Lift Coffee House. Hudson-Haas family show. Pagosa Springs, CO. 2018.
  • “Descendants of the Masters: Chilkat Faces” Juneau Arts & Culture Center. Juneau, AK. 2017.
  • “Boogeyman and Other Misbehavers.” Haas Brothers Gallery. Group show. Pagosa Springs, CO. 2016.
  • “Red. White. Blue.” Haas Brothers Gallery. Group show. Pagosa Springs, CO. 2016.
  • “Against the Grain” ERA Art & Vintage. Aztec, NM. 2016.
  • “Ursala Hudson: A Retrospective” The Lift Coffee House. Pagosa Springs, CO. 2016.
  • “53rd Annual Student Juried Exhibition” Fort Lewis College Art Gallery. Durango, CO. 2014.
  • “Cecil Touchon & Select Works from the Museum of Collage, Assemblage, & Construction” Fort Lewis College Art Gallery. Durango, CO. 2014.
  • “Art of it All 2” Shy Rabbit Contemporary Arts. Pagosa Springs, CO. 2013.
  • “Graduating Senior Art Majors Exhibition” Fort Lewis College Art Gallery. Durango, CO. 2013.
  • “52nd Annual Student Juried Exhibition” Fort Lewis College Art Gallery. Durango, CO. 2013.
  • “100 Years of Collage” The International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction. Pagosa Springs, CO. 2012.
  • “51st Annual Student Juried Exhibition” Eno Wine Bar. Special award: Juror’s purchase. Durango, CO. 2012.
  • “Clothes on a Fish: group art exposition” Haastyle Productions. Pagosa Springs, CO. 2008.
  • “46th Annual Student Juried Exhibition” Fort Lewis College Art Gallery. Durango, CO. 2007.
  • “Chimera: a collaborative exhibit” Pagosa Springs Arts Council. Pagosa Springs, CO. 2006.


  • Board President and co-founder, Pagosa Peak Open School district charter school board of directors. Pagosa Springs, CO. 2014 – present
  • Board Vice President and co-founder, Spirit Uprising board of directors. Juneau, AK. 2018 – present.